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The Triumphs of Oriana (1601)

Concert I

The Five-Voice Madrigals


1. Hence Stars                                                              Michael East (c1580-1648)

2. With Angel’s Face and Brightness               Daniel Norcombe (c.1576-1653)

3. Lightly she whipped o’er the dales                       John Mundy (c.1555-1630)

4. Long Live Fair Oriana                                            Ellis Gibbons (c.1573-c.1603)

5. All Creatures now are Merry-minded                 John Bennet (c.1575-c.1614)

6. Fair Oriana, beauty’s Queen                                            John Hilton (d. 1609)

7. The Nymphs and Shepherds danced            George Marson (c.1573-1632)

8. Calm was the Air                                           Richard Carlton (c.1558-c.1638)

9. Thus Bonnyboots                                                           John Holmes (d. 1629)

10. Sing shepherds all                                       Richard Nicholson (c.1563-1639)

11. The Fauns and Satyrs                                        Thomas Tomkins (1572-1656)

12. Come gentle Swains                              Michael Cavendish (c.1565-c.1628)

13. With Wreaths of Rose and Laurel                 William Cobbold (c.1560-1639)

14. Arise, awake                                                       Thomas Morley (c.1557-1602)


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